Chloe Moretz in Vogue China’s “The Flowers of Youth”

Thanks to forum user, Ammon who has taken the photos of April issue of Vogue China. There is The Flowers of Youth article featuring our Chloe Grace as well as Lily Collins, Hailee Steinfeld, Bella Heathcote and Juno Temple. I guess the article is about them as ‘faces of the future’, ‘young actresses who will become famous very soon’ or something like that. I wish I spoken Chinese, because I could translate you this small part devoted to Chloe. What a shame… ;( Photos that were used for the issue were taken by Hedi Silmane and the actresses were stylized by Clare Richardson. Chloe looks beautiful! I’ve added one photo from photo shoot, check it out ;-)

Magazines — Vogue China, April 2012
Professional Photoshoots — Hedi Slimane

I know it was almost month ago, but I decided to post it, because nobody has written about it :)



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