Watch the exclusive Tim Burton’s Dark Shadows trailer!

Finally here it is! Official Tim Burton’s Dark Shadows trailer… Did you know it will be a comedy? I did not. And I’m really surprised! :) Those craving serious treatment of the material may be disappointed, but fans of Burton’s twisted sense of humor who don’t come with major expectations may be surprised to find this movie is more farce than horror.

Watching the trailer you can spot out small parts with our Chloe. One of them is when Chloe asks Barnabas “Are you stoned or something?”, echoing a question viewers of this giddy trailer may be wondering about Burton, Depp, and screenwriter Seth Grahame-Smith (Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter).

“They tried stoning me, my dear!” Depp’s vampire replies with a proud grin. “It did NOT work!”

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The movie seems to be great! I can’t wait to May 11 to watch the movie. Save your money and go to the cinema in May! :)

I added to photo gallery one high quality promotional photo and new poster! What do you think? :)






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