The site is oficially open

After few long months we can finally say that the site is open. Due to lack of our spare time we couldn’t open the site when we had planned, by the way we would like to apologize for that. What more we can say? Hm… It’s hard to write anything. We worked hard on the site and here it is! On the site you can find a lot of information about Chloë (for instance filmography, trivia, quotes, Chloe’s family, etc.) and photo gallery that contains more than 5,000 photos, so we encourage you to visit it :) We hope you like it and you come back here everyday to read the latest news and see what is happening in Chloe’s career.

Our site seems to be quite blank, but we hope it change. We’re going to update the photo gallery with photos from last month and I’m preparing a theme. What’s more, we have our twitter account, so if you have your own one, please follow us! :) Don’t forget to tweet us, we’ll follow you back!

For all these who usually use mobile phones to surfing the net, we have a surprise! :) I made special mobile version of the site which should be much easier to visit; you can check it out here.

The next thing that I’d like to mention is the look of the site. It had been made by Emanuela about 6 months ago, then I made WordPress theme. We hope you respect our work and, what is the most important, you like how the site looks.

That’s all for today. At the end, we would like to thank our friend Josh for patience, amazing hosting and domain name.

If you have any questions or proposals how the site would be improved, send us an e-mail at

Have a nice day,
Adrianna and Emanuela






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