Gallery update: photos from May 9th, 10th and 11th ;-)

As you have probably noticed, when I wasn’t able to write daily news, I added to photo gallery recent pictures. Some of them are pretty interesting, so I decided to write about it ;-) So let’s start!

On May 9th, Chloe was seen when she was arriving at the hotel, before “Dark Shadows” premiere in London. The same day, paparazzi took her pictures when she was on the way to “Dark Shadows” premiere.

Candids — arriving at the hotel in London, May 9th
Candids — leaving the hotel in London, May 9th

After “Dark Shadows” premiere paparazzi caught her with Trevor, when they were getting on the car. Next day she was seen on London streets.

Candids — leaving “Dark Shadows” premiere in London, May 9th
Candids — out and about in London, May 10th

And at the end, on May 11th Chloe with Trevor came back from London to Los Angeles.

Candids — at LAX airport, May 11th







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