Who maintains the site?

As long as we don’t run forum we can’t know you and you don’t have an opportunity to know us, so we would like to introduce ourselfs :)


My name is Emanuela, I’m 20 and Adrianna is my twin sister :-) Personally I’m kind of loner, I’m into writing, cinema and art. I like to laugh, watch movies and paint. I’m a fan of Jennifer Lawrence, Chloe Moretz, Arctic Monkeys, Foster the People and The Hunger Games. If you want to contact me, please write at twista@onet.pl, you can follow me on twitter as well. :-)


Hi, I’m Adrianna and I’m Pole, 20 years old. I’ve run some fansites before but this time ChloeMoretzFan.com is my one and only work. I’m fan of Chloe Grace for few months, when I saw Kick-Ass for the first time. Chloe as Hit-Girl is amazing. I also love her in Let Me In – I think that she and Kodi as Abby and Owen made really moving relationship between the characters. I haven’t seen Hugo yet, but I can’t wait to watch it. It’s the best Chloe’s role for sure and I think that it will be my favourite one :) Chloe is very inspiring to me. I truly love her.

I’m also fan of Logan Lerman, Ryan Gosling and Andrew Garfield. Any questions? Write to me at adrianna@chloemoretzfan.com ;) I run twitter as well, you can follow me. I’d love to follow more Chloe Grace fans!


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