Chloe Moretz’s official ‘Dark Shadows’ interview

And another ‘Dark Shadows’ interview! Watch the following video to find out what Chloe thinks about her character in ‘Dark Shadows’, Caroly Stoddard, as well as what she has to say about working with Johnny Depp and her involvement in Tim Burton’s ‘Dark Shadows.’

Chloe Moretz on Johnny Depp: Johnny Depp as Barnabas, I can’t say enough amazing things about him. He is one of the coolest and most humble guys that I’ve literally ever met. And he goes out of his way to come in every morning and be like, “Hi, how are you? Are you ok? How was your weekend?” He goes out of his way to be abnormally nice to you (laughs). On top of that, I can’t say enough amazing things about his acting. With ‘Dark Shadows,’ it’s Johnny Depp mixed with Tim Burton so it’s the most amazing vampire I’ve ever seen.

Chloe Moretz on Tim Burton: Not only is he hands on, he asks you what you want and what you want to have in the character – and he breaks it down with you. He breaks down the look, not even just the look, her soul, who she is, what she is, what she’s doing, what she’s thinking about. He breaks down every little thing. For instance he’ll be like, “Chloe, I’m thinking about this, what do you think?” Now if you don’t like that, it’s totally fine, just tell me what you want and we’ll do that. But here’s my idea, lets collaborate, lets make this special, lets make this our thing.” It’s not his way or the highway. He’s special, he’s Tim Burton!






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