Chloe Moretz as Carolyn Stoddard in Empire Magazine

I have recently come across a scan which comes from the latest issue of Empire Magazine. As we can see in the picture, the article is dedicated to Chloe Grace, and what’s more, her brand new photo as Carolyn Stoddard from “Dark Shadows” had been used! Here’s the excerpt of what Tim Burton, the director of “Dark Shadows” said on her:

“I was just happy she was available! Chloe’s done great things, but my only concern with her was whether she could play a real teenager, you know? But she was great. She’s very thoughtful. There’s just a reality to her; whether she’s playing a superhero girl or a vampire, there’s always a reality to it. She’s got a very old soul, like someone who’s been around a very long time.”

Magazines — Empire, May 2012






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