Chloe in talks for ‘Maggie’ zombie role and ‘Back Roads’

After “Dark Shadows” premiere, on the net we can find some news related to new possible projects for our Chloe Grace. I’ve found some interesting which concern “Maggie” and “Back Roads”.

Variety reports that Chloe has been tipped to take the titular role in the Henry Hobson-directed dramatic horror, “Maggie”. It’s written by John Scott 3 and follows a family that helps their eldest daughter fight an infection, which slowly turns her into a zombie. Chloe would play title role of Maggie.

It isn’t confirmed, but I keep my fingers crossed ;) And you? What do you think? :)

In 2011 Adrian Lyne was rumored to take on the adaptation of Tawni O’Dell‘s best-selling ‘Back Roads’. Now, we have new rumours about it! Chloe’s task, apparently, is to play one of three sisters who are put under the watch of their older brother, Harley, after their mother (who with her husband begin an ill-fated sexual relationship) is thrown in prison for killing her abusive husband.

Some sources tell that Chloe’s role is confirmed. Have you heard that Kristen Stewart is in talks for sister role in ‘Back Roads’? Who’s excited? ;-)






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