Chloe Grace wins title role in ‘Carrie’ remake!

I’m so sorry that I’m posting this just today, but I’m very busy, so sorry again! You probably know that Chloe wins title role in ‘Carrie’ remake! Such a great news for every Chloe Grace fan! According to, Chloe was in competition with “Haunting of Molly Hartley” star Haley Bennett for the title role in director Kimberly Peirce’s “Carrie” remake, but now everybody says that Moretz has officially been offered the part. Moreover, it appears the actress was so well-liked in her first audition last weekend that she booked the job right off the bat. Reportedly, our Chloe is much closer in age to the character she’ll be playing than the 24-year-old Bennett would have been, though there’s no way of knowing whether that factored into Peirce and the studios’ decision.

“Carrie” is a remake of the Brian De Palma film, which itself was based on Stephen King’s 1974 debut novel. The story tells of a teenage misfit named Carrie White who uses her telekinetic powers to unleash destruction on her small town after a cruel prank is pulled on her at the high school prom.

Taking on Twitter, Chloe told her fans the news, saying:

I’m so happy right now! Congratulations Chloe, you deserve it! :)






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