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Chloe Grace named ‘Face of the Future’ by Max Mara!

Chloe Grace named ‘Face of the Future’ by Max Mara!

Such a great news! Chloë has been named The Women In Film MaxMara Face of the Future 2012! The label will officially honour her at WIF’s Crystal and Lucy Awards at the Beverly Hilton Hotel on June 12. Italian label appreciate her acting and style. Our Chloë is the youngest-ever winner of the award, which is given to “an actress who is experiencing a turning point in her career through her work in the film and television industries and through her contributions to the community at large, in recognition of her outstanding achievements and her embodiment of style and grace.” We couldn’t agree more!

On this occasion, we have new photos taken by a photographer Giampaolo Sgura for italian Vanity Fair. What do you think about them? To me, Chloë looks stunning! They bring to my mind ’40s…

Professional PhotoshootsGiampaolo Sgura (x8MQ)

I also added to photo gallery scans of italian Vanity Fair (March 2012). Take a look! I wish I translated the interview, but I don’t know Italian ;(

MagazinesVanity Fair Italy, March 2012 (x4HQ)

If you want to watch behind-the-scenes video from the photo shoot and Chloë at the SportsMax Fashion show in Milan go here.

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Chloe Grace supports Kony 2012 campaign

Chloe Grace supports Kony 2012 campaign

Chloë just like other celebrities (Rihanna, Justin Bieber, Angelina Jolie, etc.) has been moved to action after watching filmmaker Jason Russell’s stirring film about the world’s most wanted man, Joseph Kony. On her twitter she encourages to watch the video and buy action kit. It’s just amazing that she has taken to Twitter to offer her support to the cause.

The 30-minute film about the Lord’s Resistance Army leader promotes the efforts of grass roots youth movement Invisible Children, highlights the plight of African kids who are abducted from their families and forced to serve Kony’s LRA either as sex slaves or child soldiers. Kony 2012 ends with a call to action – Invisible Children members and supporters plan to ‘blanket’ the world with posters and images of Joseph Kony on April 20 in a bid to make the rebel leader so famous that he can no longer stay hidden.

Together we can make a change. Watch the video
and buy action kit

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Chloe on new 30 Rock episode ‘Standards and Practices’

Chloe on new 30 Rock episode ‘Standards and Practices’

Few days ago Chloë Grace has posted on her twitter some interesting tweets about her appearance on ’30 Rock’ tv series…

On March 8, CBS aired new episode of tv series titled ‘Standards and Practices’ featuring our dearest Chloë Grace as Kaylie Hooper! :) It was 2nd episode of the 30 Rock, in which Chloë has appeared, the first one was ‘TGS Hates Women’, do you remember it? I have for you some medium quality stills from ‘Standards and Practices’ and I added them to photo gallery. Take a look!

TV Series — 30 Rock, #6.10 Standards and Practices (x6MQ)

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Chloe celebrates 100 episodes of Gossip Girl

Chloe celebrates 100 episodes of Gossip Girl

On November 19, Chloë Grace was spotted at the “Gossip Girl” 100 episode celebration at Cipriani Wall Street in New York City. Young actress was wearing short-sleeve multi-print dress, high heels and handbag, all designed by Stella McCartney. FYI: In the pictures, she is posing with her ‘Hick’ co-star Blake Lively.

Events“Gossip Girl” 100 episode celebration (x60HQ/MQ)

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Chloe Grace Moretz charms Hollywood – Teen Vogue cover

Chloe Grace Moretz charms Hollywood – Teen Vogue cover

Guess who is on the cover of December issue of Teen Vogue? Nobody else but Chloë Grace Moretz! Beautiful photo shoot in pastel tones was taken by Paola Kudacki and Chloë has been interviewed by Lauren Waterman. I’ve just added pics to the photo gallery and here’s what she said:

On how she started acting: “When [my brother] Trevor was fifteen and I was five he’d be practicing his monologues, and I just started memorizing them too. I guess something clicked.”

On her character in Hugo: “I play a book-smart 1930s girl who meets a boy, played by Asa Butterfield, and then they go on this crazy adventure and find out all of these amazing things about their lives.”

On why she loves acting: “I like these roles because they’re not me. That’s what’s fun about it. If I played another version of Chloë all the time, it would be boring.”

Professional Photoshoots — Paola Kudacki (Teen Vogue) (x07MQ)

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