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Watch the exclusive Tim Burton’s Dark Shadows trailer!

Watch the exclusive Tim Burton’s Dark Shadows trailer!

Finally here it is! Official Tim Burton’s Dark Shadows trailer… Did you know it will be a comedy? I did not. And I’m really surprised! :) Those craving serious treatment of the material may be disappointed, but fans of Burton’s twisted sense of humor who don’t come with major expectations may be surprised to find this movie is more farce than horror.

Watching the trailer you can spot out small parts with our Chloe. One of them is when Chloe asks Barnabas “Are you stoned or something?”, echoing a question viewers of this giddy trailer may be wondering about Burton, Depp, and screenwriter Seth Grahame-Smith (Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter).

“They tried stoning me, my dear!” Depp’s vampire replies with a proud grin. “It did NOT work!”

Watch HD trailer on iTunes

The movie seems to be great! I can’t wait to May 11 to watch the movie. Save your money and go to the cinema in May! :)

I added to photo gallery one high quality promotional photo and new poster! What do you think? :)

Photo gallery update: events and candid photos from February!

Photo gallery update: events and candid photos from February!

As I wrote yesterday, today I updated photo gallery with more than 300 pictures of Chloë Grace from last month. Now, you’ll find there photos from Sportmax fashion show at Milan Fashion Week and MaxMara dinner in honour of Chloë, the winner of the ‘2012 Women In Film Max Mara Face of the Future’ Award. She looks gorgeous!

Public Appearances — Milan Fashion Week: Sportmax Fashion Show (x86HQ/MQ)
Public Appearances — Milan Fashion Week: MaxMara Dinner (x3MQ)

I also have for you photos from 14th Annual Costume Designers Guild Awards (February 21st), Sony PlayStation US launch event for PS Vita (February 15th) and AARP Magazines 11th Annual Movies For Grownups Awards Gala (February 6th), so check the photos out :)

Public AppearancesAARP Magazine’s Movies For Grownups Awards Gala (x10MQ)
Public AppearancesSony PlayStation US Launch Event For PS Vita (x67HQ/MQ)
Public AppearancesCostume Designers Guild Awards (x93HQ/MQ)

Which Chloë’s look do you like the most? I’m just wondering… ;-)

Oh, I just forgot to tell you, that I also added candid photos when Chloë with her mom was at the Duty Free stores before catching a flight at LAX (February 23rd) and from February 28th, when she came back from Milan to Los Angeles.

Candids — February 23, Chloe with mom in Los Angeles (x57HQ)
Candids — February 28, Chloe with mom at LAX (x26HQ)

Chloe Grace named ‘Face of the Future’ by Max Mara!

Chloe Grace named ‘Face of the Future’ by Max Mara!

Such a great news! Chloë has been named The Women In Film MaxMara Face of the Future 2012! The label will officially honour her at WIF’s Crystal and Lucy Awards at the Beverly Hilton Hotel on June 12. Italian label appreciate her acting and style. Our Chloë is the youngest-ever winner of the award, which is given to “an actress who is experiencing a turning point in her career through her work in the film and television industries and through her contributions to the community at large, in recognition of her outstanding achievements and her embodiment of style and grace.” We couldn’t agree more!

On this occasion, we have new photos taken by a photographer Giampaolo Sgura for italian Vanity Fair. What do you think about them? To me, Chloë looks stunning! They bring to my mind ’40s…

Professional PhotoshootsGiampaolo Sgura (x8MQ)

I also added to photo gallery scans of italian Vanity Fair (March 2012). Take a look! I wish I translated the interview, but I don’t know Italian ;(

MagazinesVanity Fair Italy, March 2012 (x4HQ)

If you want to watch behind-the-scenes video from the photo shoot and Chloë at the SportsMax Fashion show in Milan go here.

Chloe on new 30 Rock episode ‘Standards and Practices’

Chloe on new 30 Rock episode ‘Standards and Practices’

Few days ago Chloë Grace has posted on her twitter some interesting tweets about her appearance on ’30 Rock’ tv series…

On March 8, CBS aired new episode of tv series titled ‘Standards and Practices’ featuring our dearest Chloë Grace as Kaylie Hooper! :) It was 2nd episode of the 30 Rock, in which Chloë has appeared, the first one was ‘TGS Hates Women’, do you remember it? I have for you some medium quality stills from ‘Standards and Practices’ and I added them to photo gallery. Take a look!

TV Series — 30 Rock, #6.10 Standards and Practices (x6MQ)

Chloe celebrates 100 episodes of Gossip Girl

Chloe celebrates 100 episodes of Gossip Girl

On November 19, Chloë Grace was spotted at the “Gossip Girl” 100 episode celebration at Cipriani Wall Street in New York City. Young actress was wearing short-sleeve multi-print dress, high heels and handbag, all designed by Stella McCartney. FYI: In the pictures, she is posing with her ‘Hick’ co-star Blake Lively.

Events“Gossip Girl” 100 episode celebration (x60HQ/MQ)

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