Author: Prisc

  • Candids updates

    Hey everyone! I’m extremely late, and I’m so sorry for this big delay ! I added every candids I missed since May, so go check the gallery to see them, and here’s the latest candids of Chloe from august 21st out and about in Los Angeles and later in New York with Julian Moraes. Enjoy…

  • “Clouds Of Sils Maria” at Cannes !

    Hello guys! I’m super late I know and I’m sorry! So here’s the photos of Chloe at Cannes for “Clouds Of Sils Maria” ! I added the photocall, the press conference, the premiere and the after party. Chloe was gorgeous for the photocall, I love her outfits but I’m not fan of her dress for…

  • ‘Clouds of Sils Maria’ trailer !

  • At LAX Airport

    And here’s the photos of Chloe and her brother at LAX airport on May 20 ! Enjoy =)

  • Clippers Game

    On May 15, Chloe was at the Los Angeles Clippers Game ! Enjoy =)