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Chloë Grace Moretz is a hugger. She may be a big movie star with memorable roles in Kick-Ass, Carrie, Hugo, and soon The 5th Wave, but she’s a Georgia girl first and foremost. So when we meet up at Bowlmor Lanes, a dimly lit, music-filled bowling alley in New York City’s Chelsea Piers, there’s no how-do-you-do handshake. Ready or not, she goes right on in for the bear hug. “I’m from the South—that’s what we do!” she says.

Dozens of teens have descended upon the alley’s lanes and arcade area. A few people are singing “Happy Birthday” to a little boy dressed as Batman. No one seems to notice the famous actress among them dressed in a black leather jacket, high-rise skinny jeans, and a gray T-shirt with the words “kind of like this but not like this” emblazoned across
her chest.

The die-hard hockey fan confesses she has a tendency to get competitive over the silliest of things—including a friendly round of bowling. After trading in her black slip-on Vans for a red, white, and blue pair of bowling shoes, she quickly takes control and starts setting up our names on the scoreboard. She types in “Coco” for herself. I go with “Striker.” (Full disclosure: I’ve only bowled a handful of times in my life and the last time was a good 12 years ago.)

Chloe Moretz covers Dolly Magazine and CosmoGIRL! Indonesia

Chloe Moretz covers Dolly Magazine and CosmoGIRL! Indonesia

Beautiful Chloe Grace changed Jennifer Lawrence and covers new issue of Australian magazine for teens — Dolly. She looks fabulous. For now, I have only the cover premiered on its twitter. What do you think guys? ;-)

Magazines — CosmoGIRL! Indonesia, May 2012
Magazines — Dolly, June 2012

She also changed Jennifer Lawrence and graces the cover of new CosmoGIRL! Indonesia. It seems that it’s just reprint of Seventeen cover… I can’t wait to view the scans of these magazines.

Some new scans – Russian Vogue and Tatler, April 2012

Some new scans – Russian Vogue and Tatler, April 2012

I’ve just added some missing magazine scans to our photo gallery, I mean few pages from Russian issues of Vogue and Tatler, from April. The one from Vogue is an article about Chloe with the photo taken by Paola Kudacki, whereas in Tatler is a little summary of Chloe’s style ;-) Thanks for them!

Scans — Tatler Russia, April 2012
Scans — Vogue Russia, April 2012
Scans — Grazia Italy, May 2012

I’ve also added one page from Italian Grazia (N°138, May 4-10) with the interview. Unfortunately I don’t know Italian, so I can’t translate it for you ;( I wish I could.

Behind-the-scenes video of Vogue Russia photoshoot

Behind-the-scenes video of Vogue Russia photoshoot

About 2 weeks ago I’ve posted scans of Russian Vogue, now I have for you behind-the-scenes video of Alix Malka’s photoshoot. Chloe looks like a Russian. Take a look! ;-)

PS. I updated the scans — I added missing pages with the interview so check out the gallery.

Chloe Grace for FLAUNT “The Psychoanalytic Issue: Behavioral Patterns”

Chloe Grace for FLAUNT “The Psychoanalytic Issue: Behavioral Patterns”

Thanks to, we can read some excerpts of FLAUNT’s interview with our Chloe. I have mentioned this few days ago and I have added this day small scans of the magazine. Now, I have for you the larger ones and the photos taken by Yu Tsai. Chloe looks incredible. I love her. Visit the photo gallery and view this beautiful photo shoot ;-)

On choosing roles:

I mean, yeah. I’ve done some kid stuff, but I mean I’m just driven to do stuff that is not ‘me,’ you know? … I just had a meeting with a director and I have three pages of notes on the psychology of the character and her thoughts and her past. It’s, like, as complicated as genetics.

Professional photographs — Yu Tsai for FLAUNT
Magazines — FLAUNT Spring 2012

On college:

I’m hopefully going to Columbia University. I want to do a minor in Art History and major in Criminal Psychology. I find criminal psychology incredibly fascinating and scary and how volatile the human mind can be. And I really love classical art, definitely. I mean, I’ve been to so many amazing places in Paris and London, and I’ve seen some beautiful pieces.

On fashion:

I’m not doing campaigns yet. I want to wait a couple years, because I think if I do it right now, where am I going to go when I’m 20 and I’ve already done two campaigns or something? You know, I figure, why do everything so young and so fast? I’m only 15. Why rush everything? I’m saving a lot of stuff for later. A fashion campaign will come in due time.

To read full interview view the scans in photo gallery :) And at the end, watch behind-the-scenes video from the photo shoot after the jump :) Continue reading

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