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Chloe Grace and Dark Shadows cast on Ellen DeGeneres

Chloe Grace and Dark Shadows cast on Ellen DeGeneres

Yesterday Chloe Grace with Johnny Depp and Michelle Pfeiffer visited Ellen DeGeneres and talked to her obviously, about Dark Shadows. What’s more, watching the show we knew that Johnny Depp doesn’t dance, Michelle wishes she had Cat Woman suit, but she doesn’t, and Chloe was excited to work with them and her friends think that Johnny is super cute ;-) Watch the video below, but… unfortunately video is broken because it should last about 4 minutes – after that, it repeats all over again, so… But it’s still worth to watch :)

I hope I will replace this video another one in better quality very soon! ;-)

Hick’s author, Andrea Portes about Chloe

Hick’s author, Andrea Portes about Chloe

Huffington Post’s journalist, Erica Abeel had the opportunity to talk to Andrea Portes (who is ‘Hick’ author) about the movie, the cast, Chloe as Luli and Chloe’s family! Read what she said about her :) To read full interview click here.

What do you think of the casting? Chloë Moretz looks almost ridiculously like the character in the novel as you describe her, even down to the big, plummy mouth. As Luli she’s a lot hotter than as the vampire girl in Let Me In. And what about Blake Lively and Eddie Redmayne, who’s become quite the heartthrob?

Andrea Portes: Let’s face it. Chloë Moretz existing right now is really lucky for the film. I can’t imagine anyone else in that role. Also, Chloe herself has a lot of Luli’s qualities… smart, funny, precocious, sharp, intellectually curious, sometimes just a kid goofing around, two seconds later beyond her years. She’s really kind of a little miracle.

I am giddy for people to see Eddie Redmayne as Eddie Kreezer. He’s just riveting. It’s beyond anything I had ever dreamed of. It’s nice, too, because off camera he’s just a really kind, smart, self-deprecating, English gent. He’s top shelf. Blake Lively came to the set with the novel book-marked and dog-eared and she wanted to add more dialogue from the book. So, of course, I was thrilled. (Any novelist would be.) She was really smart about the role. Glenda is not an easy role to play and she nailed it.

Did you bond with Chloë over the film?

Andrea Portes: I did get along well with Chloë and her family. They’re really good people. It’s funny, too, because in a lot of these blogs people are expressing concern over her growing up too fast. And I’m thinking… No, no, if anything Chloë is much more insulated and protected than most girls her age. Her mom, Teri, and her brother, Trevor, who is also her acting couch, make sure she’s got an amazing, secure foundation. And that she goes to bed early. It’s really sweet, actually.

Chloe Moretz on exploring Tim Burton’s Dark Shadows

Chloe Moretz on exploring Tim Burton’s Dark Shadows

That’s insane, promotion of Dark Shadows still lasts… I have for you new interview with Chloe, mainly related to Dark Shadows ;-) In the following exclusive interview with, Chloe talks about returning to a darker side of cinema, working alongside Burton and what fans can expect from her Carrie White next year. I’m sure Tim Burton is a name that you grew up with, watching his films. You’ve also appeared in a quite a few genre roles. It seems like working with him is, in many ways, a perfect fit.

Chloë Grace Moretz: Yeah, definitely. I’ve always kind of gravitated towards darker roles, but I also just try and find the best projects that I really connect to and that I feel – not just on a personal level – will stretch me as an actor and let me manipulate myself to do cool stuff. It’s kind of crazy that you beat Johnny Depp to playing a vampire.

Chloë Grace Moretz: Oh yeah, you’re right! I did that when I was 12. There you go. I was young. A younger vampire. Does a similiar mentality come into play between acting in Let Me In and Dark Shadows?

Chloë Grace Moretz: That one was a lot darker. Much darker. My vampire was very, very, very, very dark. His vampire has some light areas and kind of funny bits. Mine was not as pretty. In this, she doesn’t want to be part of the family and has a very dark secret. She’s a very special character. Carolyn is this young Woodstock-type girl who’s all about free love and open but, at the same time, she’s dealing with more stuff than anyone can even imagine. She’s not just going through the transitional phase of 15, but she’s dealing with stuff that no one can understand. Carolyn is a big fan of the music of the day. Did you go back and find yourself enjoying any specific ’70s songs?

Chloë Grace Moretz: Oh yeah! Simons and Garfunkel and Cat Stevens and The Carpenters! So many things! You actually get to perform a song with Alice Cooper in this.

Chloë Grace Moretz: I did get to perform with Alice Cooper! That was very special. That was a highlight of my career. When projects come along these days, what is it you’re looking for as far as roles go?

Chloë Grace Moretz: Right now, I’m just thinking about roles that I’d like to see myself in or that I’d like to see made. So far, every role I’ve done I’ve been very proud of. I choose roles that will stretch me emotionally and physically as an actor. Right now it’s Carrie. I start that June 1st. I can’t really say much about it, but keep an eye out. I’m doing a lot of pre-production. You can check out Kimberly Peirce’s Facebook page. She’s keeping everyone updated on what I’m doing.

To read full interview go here :)

Vanity Fair interview: Chloe Grace is still a teenager ;-)

Vanity Fair interview: Chloe Grace is still a teenager ;-)

Vanity Fair met Chloe Grace at Hick premiere in New York and they had the opportunity to talk to her. Check out what Chloe said on being a teenager ;-)

On getting her driver’s permit:

“In August I get my permit, so I’ll be kind of driving,” she told Vanity Fair. She considers learning to drive a necessity. “I have to. I want to live in L.A.—I don’t really have a choice.”

After signing to play Carrie in a remake of the 1976 classic based on Stephen King’s noevel, Chloe Moretz get her first iPad.

“My mom wanted to surprise me,” she explained. “It’s, like, a present, for, you know, congratulations.” What does she do with the device? “It’s really mainly for school; I use it for school a lot.”

It’s nice to hear that Chloe is down to earth teenager… ;-)

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