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August 26 2016

Hello. Finally we can look at the first stills from upcoming movie Brain on Fire. Enjoy!


August 16 2016


As well as talking about taking on Twitter trolls, and working her “ass off” on screen, she opens up about dating Brooklyn Beckham, whom she met two years ago at SoulCycle: “One of the reasons we’re dating him is great is that we both get what it means to have our live twisted and torn apart and faked,” she told us.

Seriously, you don’t know how often I’m just described as ‘his girlfriend’. And you think: ‘well, I’ve also been acting for 13 years, but don’t worry’.

One of the most exciting young talents in Hollywood – most recently proving her comedy chops alongside Seth Rogen and Rose Byrne in Bad Neighbours 2, and soon to start filming on the much-anticpated adaptation of The Little Mermaid – Chloe’s not afraid of being labelled outspoken:

‘Do you really want to stir the pot?’ I’d get asked early on. And once I’d thought about it, I decided that, yeah, actually, I do. Because that one person who speaks out ignites millions of other people to speak out…

On the well-reported Hollywood pay gap she says: “Feminism for me has always just been about equality: me being worth exactly the same as my male counterparts, but not more than them – unless what I do is of a higher equality.


August 5 2016


Chloe Moretz jumps up high in the air next to BFF Mia Bensimon during a beach getaway in the Dominican Republic over the weekend.

The 19-year-old actress and her family headed to the tropical getaway at Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Punta Cana after her press tour for Neighbors 2.

Chloe and brothers Brandon, Trevor and Colin celebrated their mom Teri‘s birthday and Mia‘s too. After dinner at Toro steakhouse and Zen restaurant, Chloe also surprised her mom and Mia with a special private dinner on the beach with local cuisine and birthday cake.

Later on, Chloe, Teri and Mia also stopped by the Rock Spa where they enjoyed the innovative ice room and massage appointments.


July 12 2016